The Recovery

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I’m going to back up for a minute and write about something I experienced during the rehab. Circulation to my feet was poor from having been horizontal for so long but as I healed, that improved as well. Because there had been so little blood flow to my lower extremities, it was now painful when I attempted to get vertical. I could literally feel the blood rushing to my legs and feet and I felt it intensely. It could take as long as a half hour for me to actually get on my feet as the process normally went something like this:

  • Sit up in bed.
  • Wait for the pain to stop.
  • Twist around until my feet and only my feet were hanging off the bed.
  • Wait for the pain to stop.
  • Move closer to the edge of the bed until my legs were off from the knees down.
  • Wait for the pain to stop.
  • Bend at the knees but keep my legs and feet elevated as much as possible.
  • Wait for the pain to stop.
  • Lower my feet to the floor.
  • Wait for the pain to stop.
  • Lean forward, putting pressure on my feet.
  • Wait for the pain to stop.
  • Stand up off the bed.
  • Wait for the pain to stop.
  • Move.

It’s better to move forward by an inch than to stay still, right? True for this particular situation and true for life in general. This world will do its best to slow you down, and it sometimes will. We don’t lose by slowing down. We only lose if it we let it stop us.

It’s better to move forward by an inch than to stay still, right?

Today marks three years since my accident. Given the choice, I obviously wouldn’t have chosen the fear, the pain, the rehab, the PTSD, the nerve damage, or the scars. But I’m a better person for having been through it. I’m stronger now than I ever was because I won. This thing tried to beat me and I didn’t let it. I walk through life with less fear and more confidence than ever before because THIS is what I can do. THIS is what I can survive. And THIS is the source of my power, regardless of what I’m facing.

Not only am I stronger for me, but also I’m able to encourage others facing difficulties in a way I couldn’t before. If telling my story helps just one person to move forward by just one more inch then I’ve done my job. So I’ll keep telling it, sometimes more eloquently than others, and that’s good enough for me.

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  1. I just finished the series, and I am bawling my head off. You are an amazing woman, the embodiment of strength and force of will, and you *own* fire now. You inspire me daily to keep moving forward <3

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